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A unique attention for each of our clients

Analysis, Investment Advisory & Wealth Management

For us it is essential to understand the individual circumstances and needs of each client in order to create their investment profile.

Once the goals, needs, objectives and expectations of the client have been identified, we define together their investment profile. We will analyze the level of risk and the investment terms that you want to adopt, always taking into account that the protection of your assets and their long-term growth is our main objective.

Activa Capital employs different types of management, as well as the most innovative financial products in order to build solutions that meet your specific needs.

Wealth Planning & Portfolio monitoring

We offer our clients flexible and efficient service, using innovative technological tools and working closely with a network of professionals experts in their respective fields.

Our team is highly trained in a wide range of services, including tax planning and estate planning, fiduciary and business services, assistance in real estate and family governance.

To protect your assets at all times, we take care to regularly monitor the external factors that may affect your investments. This continuous monitoring allows us to adapt at any time to the different phases of the economic cycle and to ensure that the necessary changes in the defined strategy will be kept in line with the client’s objectives.

Investment Advisory

Explore a bespoke solution designed for experienced investors. Make smarter investment decisions equipped with our insights. You benefit from regular monitoring of your portfolio keeping it in line with your investment strategy.

Discretionary Management

We recommend opting for an Activa Capital Investment Mandate. This gives you three immediate advantages: you benefit directly from our experience and discipline, you keep full control of your long-term investment strategy, and you gain the precious commodity of time.

Wealth Planning

The wealth you have created and preserved over the years is an incredibly valuable asset. Our specialists are here to develop a solution designed to ensure protection of assets and the smooth transition of assets to the next generation, according to your personal wishes.

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